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To educate the parents of children aged 2-4 on how they can facilitate a 'Primal Movement Training'  environment through supportive parenting strategies, and evidence-based progressions which empower them to educate, support, and empower their children to become capable and prepared problem solvers, confident movers, and learners through self-discovery, evidence-based designed progressions and high exposure to various obstacles.

Rebel Discovery mission


As a parent, I want to prepare my children for the variety of obstacles life has to offer.  

Working together to solve problems is a moment in time that will have a long-lasting positive impact on my relationship with my kids. 

Rebel Discovery mETHODOLOGY

For children ages 2-4 accompanied by a parent or guardian.

Guided by a coach, Parent(s) or Gaurdian(s) will work alongside

their child(ren) to help the development and expression of primal

movement patterns using obstacles.  


This course is designed to:  

1.) Introduce children to Primal Movement Training using the

following movement patterns: Hanging, Swinging, Climbing, Jumping,

Falling, Squatting, Lunging, Pushing, Pulling, Carrying, Running,

and Rolling.   

2.) Create opportunities for children to solve body and spatial

awareness problems improving bone density, coordination,

and confidence each week.

3.) Demonstrate how parents and guardians can facilitate

play-based movement training including strategies for motivation,

linking tasks, and transitioning between activities.

4.) Discuss how to utilize household and outdoor equipment to follow

through with play-based movement training outside the gym.

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