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Our patented 3-Month Nutrition Blocks are designed to create formational habits - not quick fixes - and establish three different plans, Plan A, B, and C.  Plan A is your bullseye, your perfect day.  When life happens and we can't hit the bullseye, we need a Plan B and even a Plan C.  Obstacles are everywhere and it's important to anticipate and plan for those!  "It's summer"  "I had a work party"  "My kitchen is under renovation" "I don't have time to meal prep." "We're going away." These aren't excuses, these are REAL LIFE obstacles!  And as Rebels, we see these obstacles as opportunities to solve problems.  A nutrition coach will help you develop and execute your Plan A, B, C, and even D in some cases when obstacles inevitably come up!

Bell Pepper


To Educate, Support, and Empower INDIVIDUALS to develop formational habits, and become capable and prepared problem solvers around food sources, and eating styles through self-discovery, evidence-based designed progressions, and planning for the many obstacles life has to offer.


3 Month 1:1


Fall Nutrition Block: September - October - November 

Winter Nutrition Block: January - February - March 

Spring Nutrition Block: April - May - June  


To Educate, Support, and Empower individuals through formational habit changes over a 3-month period. 


Rebel Nutrition 3-month METHODOLOGY

Using our patented 3-Month Seasonal Block schedule, individuals will be given personalized Plans A, B, and C when it matters the most; leading up to a holiday season or coming off of a holiday season!  

For Athletes, we'll personalize your in-season or off-season plan and check in each week to ensure you're fueling your performance!


  • 1:1 Weekly meetings at your convenience

  • Multiple check-ins per week on the app

  • Customized plan and weekly tasks to form new habits

  • Progress report at the end of the Block

Holiday Block
Festive Dinner

Rebel Nutrition holiday block

Winter Holiday Block:  1 Month December

Summer Holiday Block: 2 Months  July - August

Rebel Nutrition holiday block mission

To Educate, Support, and Empower individuals through the holiday seasons. 

Rebel Nutrition holiday Block METHODOLOGY

Using individuals' non-negotiables for their holiday fun such as "I'm not skipping out on holiday baking or beers on the lake!" we'll work on a very special plan for parties and gatherings so you'll be able to come out of any holiday season without needing a complete reset.  


  • 1 or 2 Month Specific Holiday Plan

  • Plan to indulge in seasonal treats 

  • Support during a time when we need it the most

  • Avoid the "All-or-nothing" approach

Organic Vegetables

Rebel NUTRITION add-on

Add a nutrition plan to your existing Rebel Gym Strength Essentials or Primal Icon training block. 

Fall Block 1: 7 Weeks

Fall Block 2: 7 Weeks 

Winter Block: 10 Weeks 

Spring Block 1: 7 Weeks 

Spring Block 2: 7 Weeks 

Summer  Block: 7 Weeks

Rebel Nutrition add-on MISSON

To Educate, Support, and Empower individuals training on a Rebel Gym Strength Essentials or Primal Icon block with weekly nutrition tasks to help get the most out of their training program.

Rebel Nutrition add-on Methodology

Using our patented 7-10 week seasonal block schedule, individuals will meet 1 x a week with a coach and be given nutrition strategies that can improve the outcome of a training block. We'll help individuals understand how proper timing and certain food sources can help improve performance and recovery through weekly topics and plans. 



I struggle with eating in the morning and accepted that I just wasn't a breakfast person. Grace made great suggestions that were tailored to me, my body, and my workout schedule. This all allowed me to start the day with a nutritious meal that helped both my training as well as my food choices for the remainder of the day.


Through a nonrestrictive approach to a meal plan, I was able to understand what I was eating and how that contributed to my health.


 I have a long history of trying different diets that proved unsuccessful as they were not sustainable. Grace was amazing at creating a protein-packed diet perfect for someone who is a picky eater and is usually eating on the go

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