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rebel ninja faq

How does a class work? 


Essentials class is a rotation-based class.  REBELS work with a coach to develop the strength and skills required to complete the obstacle.  Classes are capped at 25.   Anyone ages 5-13 can register for any class time, we organize the REBELS by age to create groups of 6 or less. 

I'm not sure my child(ren) will like it, can we come to try it out first?


There is no drop in offered during our Essential Classes.  We do offer a FULL refund after the first class if your child does not wish to continue and a Pro-Rated refund after the second class.  If they participate in the third class, no refund will be provided.  

How old does my child(ren) have to be to participate in class?


REBELS have to be 5 or turning 5 within the seasonal block schedule to participate in the Essentials program.   

What should my child(ren) wear to class?


REBELS should wear comfortable pants or shorts and a T-shirt. Please no sports bras or crop tops. Long hair must be tied back. All jewelry must be removed, except for small stud earrings. Indoor shoes only – no outside shoes allowed in course. Socks may be worn but restrict certain obstacle participation.


Can my child(ren) make up a class if they miss?


For monthly Memberships, all classes have to be used up within the 4-week term.  There will be no 'roll over' feature.  If a REBEL is unable to fulfill their membership due to injury or illness we can issue a credit toward a Momentum or Essentials membership.  


For block Memberships, if a REBEL requests to attend another class time because of an injury, illness or scheduling conflict accommodations can only be made if discussed in advance with the Program Director AND there is space in another class time.  If all class times are at capacity we are unable to accommodate the request.   If an injury or illness prevents a REBEL from finishing out the remaining weeks of a Block then a credit toward the following Block or a Pro-rated refund can be issued. 

Can I watch or accompany my child(ren) in the class?


Parents can watch from the lobby, the parking lot on nice days when the garage door is open and periodically from inside the gym along the wall in front of the washroom.  The Supervisor will let parents know if that viewing area is open or not before class starts.  Due to the number of REBELS per class and the obstacles of the day we may need that space for movement.  

We understand how much you want to watch your children train on the obstacles and we do allow parents to enter the gym and take pictures and videos during Evaluation Days. 

Weekly accompaniment with your child(ren) is allowed under certain conditions discussed with the Program Director however our coaches and instructors are trained and very capable to handle a variety of needs and abilities.   


 How to enter and leave a class 


Upon Arrival

1.) A Rebel is responsible to hang up coats on hooks and place boots on boot shelves.  Class will not begin for a Rebel that fails to do so. 

2.) Indoor shoes must be worn for Rebels who wish to participate in the Warped Wall and Wall Climb obstacles. Barefoot is not permitted.

3.) Meetings at the whiteboard begin at 4:30/5:45/7. Any Rebels arriving early to class must be aware of their fellow Rebels from the class before them leaving.  You are to wait along wall in front of the office window on the black mats until a Coach or Supervisor permits you to be somewhere else.  There is no ‘free play’ for Rebels arriving early.

4.) If you are late to class, DON’T PANIC! The Supervisor will get you where you need to go if you don’t already know.    


At the end of class

1.) When class is done you must promptly get your things ready for home time.

2.) There will be no extra practice reps on the equipment. 

3.) We’ve created a 15 minute window between classes so that each class is getting a full 60 minutes of training.  During this 15 minute transition, staff will be prepping the space for the next class and the Supervisor will be able to handle any inquiries parents have during this time. The lobby area is too small for 2 classes to be changing at once.

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