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eythan henson

Director of Operations and Marketing

Eythan Henson has been active in sports and fitness from a very young age. Practically growing up in the gym his family attended, he quickly adapted to performing skills related to gymnastics and weightlifting and even displayed signs of leadership among peers older than him.  At 17 he took responsibility for coaching group fitness classes as well as training himself.  


His passion for sports and primal movement lead him to Sault College where he graduated top of his class in 2017 in the Fitness and Health Promotion program. 


He found work in two gyms in Sudbury post-graduation and specialized his coaching and private training with Kettlebells.  


Known for his gymnastic competency and leadership skills, Tyler recruited him to help build the foundation of the Ninja program at Rebel Gym. In 2018 he moved back to Sault Ste. Marie to begin running and developing Ninja and Strength programs at Rebel Gym. 


Coaching Ninja, a relatively new sport at the time, lit a competitive fire, and with his gymnastic and bodyweight movement competency plus his ability to learn absolutely ANYTHING he wants to,  he began competing in the sport of Ninja and earned himself a spot in the 2019 UNAA World Championships. 


Aside from training and coaching Ninja, he had a special interest in making and editing videos. 

He gained a large online presence during the pandemic and continues to impress his audience and followers with mind-melting video content.  


Now as the Director of Operations and Marketing at Rebel Gym, he uses his creativity to design weekly obstacle course setups for the Ninja Essentials and Momentum programs, manages and leads the classes and coaches, and is producing the video content for marketing and social media.


His own media business, Un/Common Creations, also provides video services to other locally owned businesses in Sault Ste. Marie.


  • Fitness and Health Promotion Sault College

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